So it's a wednesday night and I found myself with some spare time and decided it was a good idea to finally share some pictures with you all. 

One thing I like to do is decorate(as I'm sure you can see)! It's something I've always had fun and loved doing, it comes very natural to me. I specifically have a love for the rustic vintage look, it makes me feel so at home and cozy. And the look of it, if pieced correctly is just simply breath-taking. I've found most of my things from second hand stores, the hunt makes it a lot more fulfilling for me personally. I love the idea that it was once someone else's and it's one of a kind, It's like it has it's own little story. It fascinates me really, and makes me treasure each and every piece I have even more because I found something beautiful after searching in a store full of just "stuff".  

Oh, and I'm always re-orginaizing and moving things around constantly because I really enjoy change, so expect to see a lot of updates on my room and décor/clothing thrift-find posts in the near future, it's my main hobby! (:

Oh and the adorable fluff ball you see, if you were wondering...that's Cleo. I rescued her from a local shelter as a kitten just under a year ago and couldn't be more blessed. She's loud, fluffy, soft, and lovable as can be. She loves me unconditionally, as do I to her.  

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