weekly scenes

It's been icey on the roads all weekend so I've been locked inside, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it at all. It's been a nice calm weekend. Not so much looking forward to tomorrow, Monday morning. Back to the weekly grind. Cheers.


free people did it again!

WOW…I mean wow. Free People released their new short film "The Cabin" today and I am blown away, yet again. I loved everything about it, the way it was shot, where it was shot, the emotion, the story, and true beauty in this short film. Everytime I've watched it I get chills and a little teared up. I can't help it, it's just so beautiful. Through simple moments together, affection, laughter, and adventure between the two, you can truly see that their love is real. The kind of love they captured in this film, is the best kind of love in my opinion, happy, silly, and playful...but still so passionate. And the fact that Noot and Jacques are actually lovers in real life makes it even more beautiful.  

Please do yourself a favor and watch it if you haven't already, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. :)


day three: a visit to free people's building 25

The reason behind this trip, visiting Free People's Home Office a.k.a Building 25. I traveled here to see for myself if it was everything I dreamed of and hoped for in a job, to see if I was choosing the right career path for myself...It was. It was everything I hoped for and more. My arrival after the SEVEN (yes seven) hour train ride from Pittsburgh to Building 25 was so surreal. Before entering with Brigette, she greeted me with a big hug. I remember everything upon entering…the smell, the way the natural light shined through the windows, the smiling faces, the beautiful decor, and of course, the most fashionable and beautiful people I have ever seen. There was this creative energy flowing in every little corner, pretty smiling faces everywhere, pups, and inspiration-galore. The mood there was so creative, light, and upbeat...it was absolute heaven for me, I was so happy. I felt right at home and was still in disbelief that this was real life.

And Brigette Muller, the reason this was all possible, was the best host I could have asked for. I really look up to her for inspiration whether it be from reading her blog posts every morning on the Bldg 25 Blog, her personal blog, or her instagram posts, so it was an amazing feeling knowing that she took the time and effort to make this all possible for me. I emailed her back and forth for a couple months about coming to Philly and plans just started to fall into place. I came with only expectations to have lunch with her in the courtyard, but being the amazing person that she is,  she surprised me with access inside the Home Office, dressed me up and had me model in a blog post for the Free People Bldg 25 Blog. Took me and my boyfriend thrifting with her, out to eat, answered all the questions I had about the Home Office, and then invited us over to hangout with her and her sister. It was funny getting to know someone who you already feel like you know from personal blogs and social media, it was great how easily we all clicked and got along like old friends or something, I'm glad. Brigette is the bomb. No, seriously she is one of the most beautiful people inside and out, I have ever gotten the pleasure to meet. I didn't want to say goodbye to that day. I miss her, her sister Charlotte, of course little Ollie, Jana, and everyone I met that day. The memories and experience will forever reside near and dear to my heart.  I can't picture a more perfect job, environment, or a more beautiful and creative set of people to surround myself with at a job.

I'm looking forward to my next visit to Philly…hopefully this summer as an FP intern. Keep your finger's crossed for me, my loves!!


pittsburgh/philly trip: day two

I haven't been here in a WHILE, life has been busy and a little chaotic since school started but I'm free for Turkey Day break. How have you all been?

Day two in Pittsburgh was magical. We got up early and set out on a journey with no pre-thought out plans or itinerary, we went wherever the wind blew us and that's the very best way to do it in my opinion. We walked and took bus routes the whole day so we could soak up the city fully, and let me tell you I grew a very strong love for the old city that day.

As for day three...day three was the wonderful day I had been dreaming of for months, the day I got to go inside the Free People Home Office. Lots of pictures to come. Hope everything is well with you guys. :)