day off

  Today, today was a good day. It was my only full day off this week and I originally had aspirations to get out, do a lot of running around and cleaning, but ended up alone cuddled up in my bed pretty much all day. I know I sound lazy but hey, everyone needs a day to clear their head and just relax, that's exactly what I did. I picked up my room, lit my favorite candles, put a comfy sweater on, bumped my a/c up in my room to like 65, played calm music, and just let my rooms aura swallow me whole. It helped me tremendously, more than I thought it would actually! See, lately I'd been feeling very stressed and short tempered...like I was letting a lot of little things get to me that just normally wouldn't, so I took this day to just clear my head. I feel a thousand times better, thank you day off.

I also wanted to share a few pictures with you of the treasures I've acquired the past few weeks- I recently paid a good long visit to my favorite vintage shop in downtown and left with a perfectly distressed american flag and rad ohio tee(I fell in love with the awesome font) and the "to be free" necklace is one of my favorites, I was drawn to it at Free People and just had to buy it. I love the fact that it's engraved and has a little dainty quartz crystal on the end of it. The crochet place mats, I found that set of three hidden at my job as I was closing one night and bought them all the next day without a thought, aren't they perfect? 

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